Thursday, August 07, 2014

J.S. Burger

Burgers are my favourite food. Just the thought of a big sloppy, juicy, salty patty can make my stomach turn upside down in hunger. This post is a kind of agony to type up. Nonetheless, I will march on through to bring you one of the best burger places I have ever come across, right in the heart of Tokyo. 

The interior design definitely has a 'Tumblr'  vibe to it & I would imagine, appeals to the young'uns. We visited this restaurant on two occasions (in two days, but let's not speak about that). Lunch offered a free salad buffet.
By salad, they mean a variation of vegetables & potato salad. Nonetheless, still delicious. I recommend Goma dressing - which is a Japanese sesame dressing that I am now obsessed with. Shirley even bought a bottle to take home!

 Onto the goods! Drinks were a Coke for Shirley (not pictured). 
Patrick's iced tea.

And my green tea with jasmine iced tea! I'm a big fan of iced tea but for some reason, it never occurred to me that I could ice up my favourite flavour of tea. Strange.
It was freakin' delicious and I wish I had it with me right now.

 Patrick decided he was feeling a little belly-guilt from all the food we'd been eating on the holiday, so he decided against a burger & for their breakfast special instead.

Having said that, he still ordered a side of onion rings.

Shirley's teriyaki burger. Oh my goooooosh.

And my burger. The J.S. Burger with pineapple. HELLO!
There are few words to describe, with justice, the experience I had while eating this burger. Twice.

 Because the burgers are so deliciously juicy, they offer these paper sheets as holders for your burger to help the sauces stay off your hand & transport into your belly.

And the fries. Oh the fries. The BEST fries ever, we decided, three-fold.
I'm talking major crunch on the outside. Perfectly fluffy on the inside. And a perfect amount of seasoning. 
The servings seem small, but hand-in-hand with your burger, it all feels you up so well leaving you entirely satisfied.
 I'll let you in on a secret. I don't really love eating out. I usually think it's over-priced, hyped up & rarely do I get excited about it, especially not more than a home-cooked meal. But J.S. Burger is a restaurant I would recommend in a heartbeat to anyone. If you ever visit J.S. Burger, I urge you, so much to visit this cafe for one of  the best culinary experiences of you life.  

I purposefully posted this restaurant review last to end on a high note for the final post of my Japan round-up. It has been so much fun posting these as a hit of reminiscence for me while I'm back home. I post for the public, but also for personal reasons so I can share these moments with my personal circle & also for my future self. Thank you for reading if  you have done, and bearing with my insane amounts of spam Japan posts. If you would like to talk about travelling in Japan (or anywhere!) you can email me at otherwise my Japan chats are over... for now.


  1. This looks amazing and I am SO hungry right now! burgers are my favourite too haha.

    1. Thanks! Haha pictures of burgers will do that to you!

  2. YUM! That looks incredible. I love burgers too, but I crave them more for breakfast than any other meal of the day. Weird, but true.

    1. Haha! Never heard that one before, but I'm not opposed to the idea of burgers for breakfast!


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