Monday, August 11, 2014

Bible Study

I am a follower of Jesus. 
But I had always put off reading the Bible because I had a King James version & would get lost halfway through the verse, and be so confused as to what was going on. 
A few weeks ago I decided to put my foot down & finally purchase a new Bible & a new book, to document.
For my notebook, I went with Moleskine's Large Notebook in Khaki. I've heard they're incredibly good quality & since I want to keep this notebook with me, well forever, I decided I'd stick with the safe. What I like about this notebook in particular however, is that it's soft cover. I don't know why, but that appeals to me more so than the regular black hardcovers. One thing to note about Moleskine that I didn't know is that they use ivory paper, not white. I kind of didn't like that at first, but I'm coming around to it.

For my Bible, I chose the English Standard Version as my choice & I am so glad that I did. It's leatherbound & the font is really easy to read. More importantly, I actually UNDERSTAND it. If you're a fellow follower of Jesus and looking to purchase a new Bible, I used this website that compares a few verses in different translations to see which is best suited for you. 

Please note, I'm not looking to preach or impose on anyone's beliefs, just simply sharing the love. You can focus on the Moleskine part of this post solely, if you'd like. It is a pretty cool notebook! 


  1. I feel ya, girl! I like NIV because I'm used to it but ESV provides a more accurate conveyance of the original and the Gospel Transformation Bible is good too! Good on you for sharing! :)
    Stationery-wise, I'm still loving kikki.k! They're great gifts and they generously do $10 vouchers quite regularly. I might splurge on a Moleskine one day when I'm feeling spendy. :p

    1. Ooh I was tossing up between those two version, but I settled on ESV for the reason you stated. Haha what?! I think Kikki. K is a lot more pricey than what you would spend on Moleskine (online!). I've always thought Kikki. K has SUCH cute stuff, but I could never part with my money on it before! Haha!


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