Saturday, August 02, 2014

Japan, Part Five

Today in Tokyo was full of my two favourite things: food & views! 
We also labelled it 'Rebecca Day' - which meant I was leading the way & giving Patrick a break from being our tour guide! On account of this, breakfast was at my fave spot: Starbucks on Q Front!
 We made our way to Shinjuku which was very similar to Shibuya (where we were staying). A lot of shopping & all, so after a bit of wondering & walking around we stopped at a restaurant called Hawaiian Pancake Factory. In hindsight, this was probably a poor decision. Level 6-8 of this building was full of restaurants of different cuisines & themes, and instead we ate at this restaurant on Level 2 that left us... quite disappointed.

We then headed to Akihabara which is tech-city! Anime, computers, cameras galore! We shopped & wandered for a few hours before heading back to the hotel for a rest & being greeted with this gorgeous view:

Dinner time came around and we were having my fave food ever: BURGERS! 
Freshness Burger, to be exact. 
They ordered a melon soda float & I ordered an orange juice. I have quite the obsession with juice.


Dinner was had but we were still so tired from the long day of walking & sweating... & sweating some more so we decided to call it a night & head back to the hotel for rest. 


  1. Daaaamn that burger. I think my favourite part of your posts have been the nighttime cityscape ones!

  2. I am loving seeing Japan through your eyes! :)

  3. So many beautiful shots from this trip! The food looks incredible and those photos with the rainbow are lovely! xo



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