Monday, August 04, 2014

Japan, Part Six

Brunch is my favourite meal of the day. It offers the best dishes with the best ingredients - so my excitement levels were high when Patrick suggested we would eat at Bill's for today.

Bill's is a popular brunch restaurant with locations in Sydney, Tokyo & London. 
I'd heard about it before & was ready to attack a proper western-style brunch.
For drinks, Patrick ordered a lemonade, Shirley ordered a frappe of sorts & I ordered a green juice/ apple, cucumber, spinach, chia seeds & young coconut. (Sidenote: it was warm & there was way too much cucumber.)

I ordered the poached eggs on sourdough with extra avocado...


& Patrick's full english breakfast...
I think it's incredibly difficult to mess up brunch, it's so foolproof. It was a good meal, but as far as brunch restaurants go, it wasn't the best. Still good, though, still good. 

We then headed on over to Takeshita Street in Harajuku...

Even though we just had our full brunch and it was hot like nothing else, we decided we needed crepes in our bodies.

Beware, the menu is HUGE and for an indecisive person, can make the crepe-choosing process quite the chore. In the end, I went with settled with strawberries & cookies & cream cheesecake.

This was probably my favourite day in Tokyo, the sun was out & the food was good.
My next post will show you what we did that night, that was really the cherry on top of my sundae. Or the chocolate flakes on my crepe...


  1. I didn't know bill's was in Japan too! I haven't been to the sydney one yet, it seems pricey. That crepe looks amazing.

    1. I know! So random! I guess they're hitting the big cities first. It is a bit pricey but worth a try for a brunch lover!


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