Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Japan, Part One

Konichiwa, from Japan! 

I couldn't tell you why we decided Japan was to be our next destination without telling you how weird I really am, but let's say it started with my obsession of saying the word 'kawaii'.. From that stemmed our adventure across the pond to wonderful land of Japan, all of which started in Melbourne...
Patrick & Shirley! My cousins who thought they could survive with me hanging around them every hour, for two weeks.

A 10 hour plane ride, a handful of Japanese/English conversations & a three hour train ride later, we arrived in Osaka. We stayed at Hotel Monterey Grasmere, which was only a 5-10 minute walk from Dotonbori. 

Arcades everywhere! Very loud, very colourful & very fun.
I know Japan is not known for being the land of love, but I couldn't help but notice more people than not were walking around in two's. Made me so happy!

Patrick decided he was feeling both hungry & adventurous, so he ordered one of these, of which numerous stalls across the strip were selling, but we had no idea what they were! Upon taste, we discovered it was octopus... Not for me, but they enjoyed it!

We were too tired to do much else, so a few hours of exploring & being snap happy in this space was enough to call it a night. Dotonbori was a lovely introduction for our first night in Japan. Food, fashion & fun. Excitement levels are high!


  1. Japan looks so amazing Rebecca! I hope that you're having fun! x

  2. Japan! Looks like fun, hope you're having a great time there.


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