Monday, July 28, 2014

Japan, Part Four

Day 5 in Japan was a travelling day - on the way to TOKYO! 
Osaka to Tokyo was about a three-hour train ride. Oh the joy. 
Arriving in Tokyo was plenty exciting & completely worth it though. The hustle of the streets & the sounds of the city make me feel so happy! Not much happened tonight besides exploring the areas within close range of our hotel, which happened to be only a short walk from the Shibuya crossing. (Cerulean Hotel, FYI. Highly recommend.)

Dinner was at Mos Burger. Before that, can we admire how cute Shirley looks in her overalls? 
Of course she was being Little Miss Diva & refusing to smile for a photo, but her cuteness still shines through in these.

I ordered a melon soda...

 Onion rings...

 & the beautiful cheeseburger with meat sauce... Let us admire.
It was a good burger... Not the best I've ever had but suitable for our bellies tonight! 

Another factor of Tokyo I couldn't complain about is the view from our hotel room:

Shirley, the cutie, taking photos...

Tokyo, I have to say, you're winning my heart already!


  1. Ahhh this trip looks better and better :) The food especially haha.
    Your view is insane! must have been incredible :)x

  2. I'm with Meg - the food looks amazing. I can't even!

    Naturally Jes


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