Sunday, July 27, 2014

Japan, Part Three

Today's post is a fusion of the next two days on our Japan trek. 

The following day we went to Universal Studios! I love theme parks, and I also went to Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Osaka's park wasn't too much different, which was kind of nice for me because I miss America like crazy! 

These adorable kids were playing with the fog that was coming out from behind the sign, so cute!

My delightful caramel popcorn experience. 

And my first ramen experience! I wish I'd tried this earlier in my life, because I want ramen for every meal for the rest of my life. Just sayin'. We found this restaurant called Tenkaippin near out hotel and I'm so glad this is the place I lost my ramen virginity. The staff didn't speak English but they have an English menu ready & are so kind & willing to cooperate. My bowl only cost about $7. Can't beat that!
Long & tiring day - as theme park days usually are, although my camera was in my bag in our locker the entire day so I didn't get many snaps, so let's shuffle on to the following day, shall we? 

Day 4. Wow. Humidity levels are high... but so are we! We headed to Abeno Harukas, a 300m tall skyscraper in Osaka. $15 to get to the top to see the views. 
Valleygirl denim jacket / Topshop dress / The Iconic bag / Fidel boots

We then headed to Osaka castle. A train ride & a very, very sticky walk away. Photos weren't allowed inside the museum, unfortunately. We weren't really in the mood to read & learn, it was hot; we were tired; but on a good day, I think it would have been so interesting. Japanese history is one of the most fascinating to me! 
And for our final stop of the day, we headed to the Umeda Sky Building. 
Coming up to the building we witnessed the most fiery sunset. It was so beautiful & numerous Japanese pass-byers; businessmen, kawaii-dressed girls & all; had stopped to take a photo. It was quite the sight.

Top of the Umeda Sky Building = 'bout $7. 
So many sights today! But being so high in open air spaces makes me feel so alive & calm at the same time, just like Top of the Rock did in New York. What a wonderful way to wrap up the day, and to bid farewell to our time in Osaka. 


  1. So many good views! I especially like the last set, love city lights at night.

  2. Wow, such stunning shots! I've always wanted to visit Japan, and this post is inspiring me further. The ramen looks delicious and the Osaka castle is super beautiful :)



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