Friday, May 02, 2014

Organic Buyer's Group

Organic food is difficult to come by around where I live, and when I do, it often comes with a hefty price tag. Until I came across a little website, a small business that delivers organic food of all sorts to your door, at a lower price. I don't really remember how I found this gem, but discovering Organic Buyer's Group was the most thrilling event to happen to me in a while. If you live in Sydney, you're more than likely to be eligible for free shipping as well. Score. 

My purchase consisted of Loving Earth's Caramel Chocolate & Coconut Mylk Chocolate.

Alter Eco Pacific's Dark Chocolate & Dark Cacao Nibs 

The Carob Kitchen's Carob Almond Bar

And my personal favourite, Pukka's Peppermint & Licorice Tea

Yes, I did buy all chocolates. But I wanted to experiment! Don't judge me. 

Anyway, you do have to spend a minimum of $35 on all orders, but that just gives you an excuse to buy more goodies! Not to mention, my order came in only three days! I've tasted a little bit of each of the chocolates, and to be honest, it doesn't really compare to a Caramello Koala. Nonetheless, it curbs my occasional chocolate cravings and I'm hoping I will grow to LOVE it. If you do put through an order, please share what you purchased, or if you already shop here, let me know of your favourites.


  1. Great post! Nothing I love more than dark chocolate and peppermint tea ;) Have a great weekend, Rebecca! xo


  2. Oh I haven't heard of this site! I'm not big into organic food at the moment. I love how you got allll the chocolates haha.


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