Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rose & Fitzgerald

One thing I adore shopping for is home decor. I've only noticed in the past few years how important it is to ensure you love every piece you buy, because it is the environment you emerge yourself in when you have your shield down, and for me, the environment in which I spend the most time.
I came across an independent company named Rose & Fitzgerald that quickly became one of my most favourite stores of all time. The company was founded by a Californian couple named Courtney and Laren. Based in Uganda, where they now live, is where the products are both designed and handmade. And the best part: they hire local artisans to hand-make their items and bring their designs to life. This both increases morale and national income for the country.

I am entirely in love with the collection on Rose & Fitzgerald, and their story, and their code of ethics.

Here are my top picks from their collection:

I am so in love with their designs and the way these pieces compliment each other. These are not on my wishlist, they are on my MUST list.

What are your favourite picks from the Rose & Fitzgerald collection?


  1. Beautiful pieces! I always like those wine holder things, they are so cool and sleek!

    1. They are! I don't even drink alcohol and I want one! Hahaha!


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