Friday, May 08, 2015

Total Recall - Arnold Schwarzenegger

To be honest, before I started reading this book, I didn't know Arnold Schwarzenegger was such a public icon. Besides being governor and acting, I didn't have a clue the impact he has had on things that impact us today. After reading, I went up to my sister and said 'Did you know Arnold Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilder?" to which she gave me a face and replied 'Yeah... He pretty much revolutionised the fitness world.' Oh. Oops. 

Arnold wasn't lying when he subtitled his book 'My Unbelievable Life Story'. Even on his Wikipedia page, it lists 11 careers which he has partaken in. None of these are half-assed, either. It was all or nothing. What I got most out of this book was if you want it, go get it. The phrase has been overused and overheard, and in lieu of that, we tend to let it wash over us and don't really give it a second thought. This book puts the quote into action; makes it physical rather than an abstract thought. Seeing this phrase be put into action numerous times by Arnold really shows you how you can get wherever you want to be, as long as you put in the work and of course, believe in yourself undoubtedly. 

This book is dense, I won't lie. There's a lot to it, and he doesn't fuss about. He goes from inspirational story to inspirational story to inspirational story and it can get a little overwhelming, but for me, I feel like it was worth it. It was a really good read, and it's inspiring more-so because we know him. We've seen him in movies, on our screens in our living rooms and that kind of makes it easier to relate to him than other inspirational tales by people we aren't really used to hearing the names of. I would definitely recommend this book to people who have big dreams, but also big fears. To people who are seeking motivation. To people seeking to add extra goodness and wisdom into their lives. This book will do you no wrong. 

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