Monday, September 29, 2014

A Day in Newtown

I'm not one to leave the house too much. 
But Sunday saw the sun shining and a taste of summer was here, so Natalie and I ventured to Newtown to try out some good food. 

First stop; Sadhana Kitchen. I'd heard about this place from the rawfood hashtag on Instagram - it's Sydney's first organic, vegan, raw restaurant!

It's a small but cosy restaurant. Dainty and quaint, but at the same time, packed to the brim. People dressed in summer dresses, gym gear, button ups, the like! It's apparent Sadhana's appeals to a large market in Newtown.

Once you walk in, you choose a table - off to the sides, or in the shared centre table - and take a look at the mini menus attached to clipboards, which luckily had a superfood index because I'm not too knowledgeable in that department,

Natalie went for the BLT: coconut bacon, lettuce, tomato, housemade mayo inbetween onion bread, served with a side of kumara chips. (Fancy word for sweet potato.)

 I was overwhelmed by the menu... But went for the Acai Bowl, which is kind of weird considering I'm a savoury dish lover. Odd. It contained: acai blended with frozen banana, apples and blueberries with their own made old-spice granola. 
I have to say, gathering from my first raw restaurant experience, cooked food definitely holds a bigger place in my heart, but it was fun to try out. Considering all that it is, independently owned, organic and raw - Sadhana's offers appealing prices for good food and I would recommend giving it a go if you're into the health side of things!

For dessert however, we jumped to the other side of the spectrum to check out the fuss about the Award-winning world's best gelato store... apparently. Cow & The Moon!

A 40-minute wait later, I got my three scoops! 
Chocolate, hazelnut and their award winning affogato (caramelised almonds & vanilla bean topped with Kenyan coffee). 
 I have to say I wasn't overly impressed by the gelato. It wasn't as creamy as I was expecting, and the affogato didn't really tickle my tastebuds - probably because I'm not a coffee fan! Hazelnut was definitely my favourite... the only flavour ice cream you should ever get... Nonetheless I'm glad I checked out the fuss over these two renowned restaurants in Newtown, and am so keen to try out more! Newtown is definitely foodie central, so many restaurants unlike ones I have around me! Until next time. 


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I'm gonna have to get myself over to Sydney sometime soon, because this food just looks delicious. I love the sound of the raw place, but being allergic to cashews, I doubt I'd find much I could eat!

    As for the gelato? Holy heck. That affogato one looks to-die-for! (Huge coffee lover, right here!)

    1. You're allergic to cashews?! Oh noooo! That sucks. It could be difficult but there are a few dishes that call for nut free - especially at vegan/raw places, they're very compassionate towards food allergies and sensitivities.

  2. Raw + organic + vegan is not a combination that I usually go for, I guess the BLT looks alright (coconut bacon ???). I guess I should go and try Cow & the Moon gelato to see what the hype's about!

  3. Gorgeous photos! That food looks so fresh and delicious :)



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