Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Angus and Julia Stone

You know when you listen to an artist(s) religiously, then forget about them. But now they're touring, so you buy tickets for nostalgia's sake and then all of a sudden, you're head over heels for them all over again.
Angus & Julia Stone took over my iPod for a very long time in my life, and I refused to listen to much else. Last night, I attended their concert now that they're (finally) united and it was magic. 

I didn't take many photos, because I realised recently: I never look back on concert photos & foccusing on your camera takes away from the experience. Obvious but I was oblivious. 

Their music left the audience dead-silent and in awe while they played, and erupting in whistles and applaud quickly after. I've attended quite a lot of concerts I'd say, and I've never seen a show so musically raw and musically focussed. I was in awe of the experience and if you get a chance, I'd highly recommend seeing them live. 

Also, I intended on doing an outfit post showing off my kimono, but I got shy. Next time... I hope. 


  1. I've never really listened to them but glad you had a good time! I'm yet to go to a concert at the Opera House (well I vaguely remember going as a child).

  2. I too am a lover of Angus and Julia. I've seen just Angus by himself in Melbourne but would love to see them both!

  3. I love Angus & Julia too! how nice you got to see them


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