Monday, December 23, 2013

San Francisco Photo Diary

1/ Los Angeles to San Francisco.
2/ Macy's in Union Square - two buildings, multiple stories, multiple restaurants within. Heaven.
3 & 4/ Alcatraz Island. 
5/ City Skyline from Alcatraz Island. 
6/ Pier 39. Smelly but adorable.
7/ Painted Ladies.
8/ Golden Gate Bridge - amazingly breathtaking in person.
9 & 10/ Famous Clam Chowder from Boudin's Bakery. 
11 & 12/ Beautiful sunset colours over SF from Lombard St. 

Deep within the heart of winter lied sunny San Francisco. A state that seemed to always be up, happy and ever so inviting. San Francisco cannot be denied of its beauty, so picturesque and friendly. Our short stay in San Francisco led to the squeezing in as many tourist activities as we could - shopping in Union Square (only a 5 minute walk from our hotel), the Painted Ladies, the Bridge, Alcatraz Island (which was incredible), Chinatown, and ending it with a beautiful sunset view from Lombard St. 


  1. Holy moly those sea lions! I have always wanted to visit Alcatraz, your trip looks amazing!

  2. Great photos! I've always wanted to visit San Francisco. So neat that you got to go to Alcatraz and I love the "Full House" houses :)


  3. I love how you went to multiple major cities in the US because you're able to see a wide spectrum of American culture. I LOVE the clam chowder in San Francisco,and I remember the sea lions!



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