Friday, March 25, 2016

Bangkok Photo Diary

1/ We LOVE Tuk Tuks! 
2/ Challenge: How many coconuts can you down in one trip?
3 & 4/ The vibrant Floating Markets! 
5/ Coconut ice cream, served in a coconut of course,
6/ Cute little cafe at the Floating Markets. 
7/ Pretty lights in 'Istanbul'... at Terminal 21 Shopping Centre, Bangkok. 
8/ The view from Vertigo & Moon Bar... Unreal!
9/ We REALLY love Tuk Tuks! 

You hear a lot of things about South-East Asia, particularly Thailand... Some good & some bad. So going to Thailand this February, I really was not expecting to fall so completely in love with it. 

Bangkok was loud. It was hot. It was smelly. It was dirty. There were rats openly roaming the streets. There were scams. There was creepy old men. There was ping-pong shows. 

But the energy is unreal. It's such a vibrant city, with what seems like an equal amount of locals & tourists roaming the streets - excited at the notion of good food, barter and Singha. 

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  1. I love these photos! Sounds like you had fun. I haven't made it to SE Asia myself yet!


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